The sacred art of living is similar as the sacred art of eating, because without food we cannot live. That is, with the understanding that food is much more than just ‘stomach filling’. So, let’s begin with observing the Order of normal daily life. That, we have the sacred responsibility to manage ourselves as an integral part of Creation.

Similarly as the entering of Creation from the endless Unknown Oneness, we enter the day after the sleep that correlates with the Unknown Oneness or Great Mystery that contains the infinite possibilities. It is during the night’s sleep that we are ‘programmed’ according to the receptivity of our Blood quality that we must cultivate and manage during the waking hours. This daily process goes along with the two hour interval functions of our twelve organs which are in synchronicity with the twelve constellations. As it is without so it is within. All is One.

Go by Solar-time:

  1. Lung time (3 to 5 am):

We enter the ‘twilight’ and become conscious of the ‘programming’. Breathing becomes stronger and correlates with the birthing process and the evolutionary shift from ocean to land-life. Towards the end of this awakening we can make clear plans for the day.

  1. Large-intestine time (5 to 7 am):

We do our routine exercises to activate the circulatory system and with the bowel-movement following we let go of the past and proceed with the Power of the NOW. This Moment is that of Truth that we must bring forth from within by making a Choice. It is with this Power that we can transcend any obstacle. ‘Where there is a Will there is a Way’. At this time, what we fear most we must face and overcome, to release the Power we can use for the rest of the day. What is making us so comfortable in the early morning, in our warm bed? So get UP without any hesitation and pour a bucket of ice-cold water over the entire body! It just takes a moment to DO IT. This Moment is that of Truth and reveals our direct connection with the Creator!

  1. Stomach time (7 to 9 am):

With the attained circulation we can have our breakfast. Break-fast means break the fast. So, let the food be easily to digested and it must also correlate with the evolutionary oceanic past. Thus it is best to have a breakfast that is soft, on the salty side, rich in beneficial bacteria and enzymes. This would be miso-soup, followed with whole cereal grain porridge. Leftovers from dinner can be modified and incorporated. Toasted bread is hard to digest and fruits, juices included, create the opposite to that of the Inner-oceanic condition. Instead of the alkalinity acidity is created. Drinking coffee is not such a good idea either. As such we create an artificial condition of the circulatory system. It also harms the kidneys with all the consequences thereof.

Now we begin with entering the Portal of inner-Creation and need to know the importance of the mouth and how to use it. Each bite of food must go along with the conscious combination of tastes and textures. The ideal taste (the mild sweetness of the whole cereal grain) must remain the dominant taste. As we masticate, the mouth secretes the saliva which contains the most important enzyme for the digestive process. The more we chew the better we can digest and to release the Memory that the food contains. As Gandhi once said, ‘drink your food and chew your drink’. 50% of any healing process depends on the proper chewing of food. Chewing can be used as Medicine! It is by this memory (quite different than memorizing) that we can make a full cycle of consciousness. First by the day-cycle and later by our birth/death-cycle. What we in the end must remember is that we are in truth eternal. What is endless is Change and this truth we begin to realize in our Mouth!

The saliva is transmuted from our blood. When we chew we mix the food with the blood. This process we must not disturb by drinking during the meal, getting engaged in a conversation or watching TV. With the proper completion of each bite of food in the mouth we set the basis for the completion of anything we are engaged in, to realize our destiny. Do not add food to the mouth before the completion of one ‘mouth-cycle’. Completely masticate, swallow and then begin anew. Wait with drinking, about 20- 30 minutes after the meal (one sip or two is OK when it is needed to create comfort in the throat). Also do not drink shortly before the meal.

  1. Spleen time (9 to 11 am):

The activation of blood must go along with physical activities.

  1. Heart time (11am to 1 pm):

Similarly as with spleen time.

  1. Small-intestine time (1 to 3 pm):

The digestion of food is accentuated. So, one o’clock to begin with lunch (largest amount of all meals) is ideal. Apply the same eating order as is explained earlier. Begin the meal with soup and end with the salad if there is any. To have a salad at the beginning of the meal is not such a good practice. It will disturb the entire digestive process. Raw foods need to stay longer in the stomach and also need more blood for the breakdown. It is important that the first inner-connection is made with the inner-ocean from where the blood originates. Do not eat sweets, dessert or fruit right after the meal, for it will reduce the digestion and benefits of the food just eaten, to nil. As such we also diminish our bodily reserves day by day until we come to a ‘sudden breakdown’. We hear it so often, ‘this person was always so ‘healthy’ and then dies of a heart-attack or cancer’. The ‘sudden death’ of the athlete is puzzling for medical science.

As the blood is focused on the shall-intestine in the digestive process, less of it goes to the brain. Consequently it is during this time that we will get somewhat ‘sleepy’ and drink coffee to stay awake. What an inner-sabotage! So, get a short ‘siesta’ and then eat the fruit of your desire.

  1. Bladder time (3 to 5 pm): Regulation of the inner-water system. Too much liquid consumption at this time and also fruit, will create the cooling condition that we do not need in the evening and night.

  1. Kidney time (5 to 7 pm):

This organ controls the sex and the reproductive energies and can be supported with the dinner that must not be too heavy and large. A thick ‘soupy meal’ made from lunch left-overs is OK. Fruit in the evening is not such a good idea. Late eating is worst, because it prevents the focus of the blood on the liver (1 to 3 am). Dinner around 6 to 7 pm) is best.

  1. Heart Governor time (7 to 9 pm):

This organ correlates with ‘circulation-sex’ and emotion. Maintenance of tranquility is advised, along with the mental aspect and social interactions. We had our ‘fill’ of food and now we must prepare for making ourselves food for the Creator by way of Consciousness. Now we must transcend the mind so that we can enter the higher spiritual part of our being, next.

  1. Triple warmer or metabolism ((9 to 11 pm):

The transition of the mind to soul is taking place. Be aware of what is occupying the mind! Go to bed.

  1. Gall-bladder time (11 pm to 1 am):

This organ protects the Liver and must be kept warm, not to be burdened with oily and greasy foods. Certainly not with a ‘late pizza’! Today the ‘routine gall-bladder removal’ has become a norm. Without this organ we lack the ‘build-in spiritual protection’. By this time we must already be in deep sleep.

  1. Liver time (1 to 3 am):

The blood is now focusing on the liver, ready to be programmed along with the incoming vibrations from the universe. Around 2 am is the best time to be born and upon the life’s fulfillment to die. The liver is the spiritual ‘come and go’ portal.