Regarding to Disease, what is a Symptom?

First of all, a disease is the result of an obstruction within the circulatory system.

This stagnation can manifest in different ways.

The tumor, cyst, stiffness or pain are the symptoms of a part that’s not in synchronicity with the whole Body or Creation in the Human Form. So, what happens when we just remove the symptom? The consequence is that the lack of synchronicity continuous, to create another symptom, usually worse than the former one.

By knowing this principle, then what is the cause of the body’s lack of synchronicity? The truth is that by the inner-Polarity, the body’s blood-circulation is created, to harmonize each body-cell with the Heart’s Centre where all opposites meet as ONE.

This inner-Polarity correlates with that of the Universe, which are the outer and the inner, known as Heaven and Earth. It is then by ‘eating Heaven and Earth’ in the form of food, that these outer-extremes become an integral part of Creation in the Human Form and that’s who we truly Are!

By food indeed, that’s why plants have a root and branch-system, to condense parts of the outer and inner in a harmonious Whole. This wholeness is the very basis of health – health means whole.

The Whole is contained in the Seed and the whole cereal grain is of the greatest universal whole food that enables the Human to also fully integrate the Heaven-Earth circulation Within. Wholeness of Being begins to diminish when we stop with eating the whole cereal grain as our daily Main-food, and consequently the ‘symptoms from mild to worse’.

It is remarkable that when we stop with the consumption of foods and beverages, which can cause the inner Heaven-Earth stagnation, and at the same time again eat the whole cereal grain as the daily main-food, and the complementary whole foods (according to location and season), our Wholeness or Health will be gradually and naturally restored.

Gradually, because it takes a while (3-4 months) for the BLOOD to be fully renewed from the FOOD that we daily biologically transmute in the small-intestine. During this transit another ‘set of symptoms’ will appear (different for everyone), which are the various releases of stagnations (of past consumptions).

This stage of the healing-process is known as the ‘healing-crisis’, which can continue at certain times as the blood change into the body-cell (3-4 years). In either case, we will always change for the better.

Change is Creator’s One Law and the more we know how to us it is daily life, the more we can be in Control of our healing-process. Therefore the Macrobiotic studies were created. So, make your CHOICE and be that Warrior to win the Decisive-battle Within!