(“Vision-quest”) in preparation for the CHANGE the world has been waiting for. Ten days are needed to make the fundamental change, because every day we change 1/10th of our blood-plasma by biological transmutation in the small-intestine (contrary to what the medical system wants us to believe – that the blood originates from bone-marrow. (so where does the bone-marrow come from?). The blood-plasma changes in the red-blood cells in 3 to 4 months. The red-blood cells change into body-cells in 3 to 4 years. With every bite of food we can either change for the best or for the worst. Today’s tendency is of the last one. The fundamental change from within is the answer!

The Fast

Up to three meals a day. Breakfast, after having some exercise and possible a cold shower, around 8 am. Lunch (main meal) around 1 pm (have a short nap afterwards to aid the digestive process). Dinner, around 7 pm (go to bed before 11 pm).

The amount to eat is such that there is enough space in the stomach for another 2 to 4 bites. Chew until we can drink the food. It is essential for the complete digestive process. Meanwhile contemplate on what takes place in the mouth. Complete each mouthful before adding food in the mouth. Have a peaceful setting at the table and do not talk. You may burn a candle along with a small amount of food that we offer to the Creator. Treat the place of eating, as it is a place of ceremony prayer and worship.

Absolutely no drinking while eating to maximise the digestive process. Also no drinking shortly before eating and shortly afterwards. If drinking is absolutely needed, then have a small sip to just satisfy the immediate need.

Bancha twig or kukicha (tea) is best to satisfy the thirst during the 10 days. This tea needs to be simmered for at least 15 minutes and can be kept in a pot for reuse with less water or with adding more of the twigs/leaves. Slightly toast the tea before simmering to maximise the flavour.

Possible healing symptoms

Healing symptoms may appear when the body and mind increase their power to discharge energies which are not any longer of any use for our universal development. The removal can vary from vomiting, diarrhoea, skin-irregularity, being “uptight”, fever, old hair falling out to make place for new hair, women may stop menstruating until the initial is over, sexual drive may become less, etc. In case ones metabolism is not up to par the whole cereal grain’s complex carbohydrate may not be sufficient to maintain the energy level. Fatigue may then be experienced. This symptom indicates the beginning of diabetes. The azuki/pumpkin/kombu dish is then recommended. The 10-day fast may not be the best for those who are already going through a “healing crisis” or are too weak to function normally. A 4-day fast is then optional. So, it is important to know more about the “normal way of eating”, practised according to the principles of Creation (change) and this includes the “alchemy, of cooking” (know more about “macrobiotics” or the “sacred art of eating”).


After the fast we can continue with the “semi-fast” for the rest of our life! Therefore we must continue with having the whole cereal grain as the greatest portion of our daily food consumption (50% +). The rest can be seasonal vegetables (25%. including pumpkins , squashes, and sea vegetables) which were grown in the climatic zone in which we live. Legumes (beans, lentils and peas) are complementary to the grains and can be included up to 4 times per week (15%). The rest is optional (also according to region and climate) and can include seasonal/locally grown fruits. Of course, animal flesh can be eaten when we live close to the north-pole, but we must also live according to these environmental conditions. Jesus ate grasshoppers to be able to complete his 40-day vision-quest! We can do better than that. That’s what he said… “and you can do more”