Why Cooked Food?

To fully answer the question, we must first have a Universal Perspective of the concern. Here the concern is Health. Health means Whole. So, how healthy do we want to be?

Most people consider themselves “healthy”, because they either just “feel good” or simply have not been ‘diagnosed’ (labeled) with a disease. This is merely “clinical health”, determined by the norms the physician goes by, who “practices medicine”, who in turn depends on the laboratory report stating the result of the “blood test”.

Blood where does it originate? According to the medical science blood originates from bone-marrow. So, where does bone-marrow originate? Bone-marrow originates from blood and blood originates in the small-intestine from food, by biological transmutation. The creation of blood from bone-marrow (and flesh) happens only under abnormal conditions … such as in case of fasting or ailment, when the intestinal condition is not up to par. The medical approach towards health is based on the abnormal condition of the Human body. This makes sense when we consider that the scientific understanding of the Human has been primarily derived from the research on dead bodies!

Where does food come from? It comes from Creation, the Whole. So, food contains the Memory of the Infinite Universe and each food has a different capacity of memory. By eating food we can remember and consequently food and eater maintain the cycle of life. In other words, order is maintained by the constant or One Law of Creation, which is Change. Change implies transmutation, alchemy and is quite different than mutation or chemistry, where opposites become reactionaries.

Within the early scheme of Creation the subtle is organized into the solid. This we know as inorganic. The “organization” of energy is going inwards. The formation of a crystal is a good example. Then, having arrived at the “bottom-line” of the cycle the energy has to continue with an “upwards organization”. This is the function of the plant. It’s roots “grab” into the inorganic (the past) and with the aid of micro-organisms (“primitive eaters”) a transmutation takes place, to change the nature of energy. Therefore the plant has a branch-system to ‘reorganize’ the gathered energies towards the ‘upper-world’.

What makes energy go downwards and then upwards? To understand this process we must understand two basic elements, Water and Fire. The element Water is responsible for the solidification, thus needed for the root-system’s process. Ultimately it becomes extremely solid, such as ice, unless there is a Complementary element to prevent this from happening. This element is Fire. So, with the help of the Sun the Water can rise and the “inner-organization” changes into the “outer-organization”!

Plants, however, have not the capacity to fully organize matter towards the ultimate subtle stage, from where it all began… to complete the cycle. The plant needs an “organizer” with a greater capacity to change. The animal serves this function. It has therefore organs, to organize energy into higher levels within a greater context. This is evident by the freedom to move the “roots” from place to place. These “roots” is the small-intestine, where also the micro-organism (beneficial bacteria) is needed to change the plant into us (blood to begin with).

Of all animals it is the Human who has the greatest capacity to organize the tangible world back to the Source. This is due to our most advanced digestive system and the ability to use fire with the principles of alchemy, true COOKING. The Fire that we use here is of organic origin. It is much more than just heat. The heat or energy derived from electricity or microwaves is of inorganic origin and rather handicaps us in the ascension process. Organic fire is the trinity of energy, Unifying Heaven (oxygen), Earth (fuel) and Man (heat). We do not burn or destroy food with Fire (as the “raw foodist” claims it). We control the heat with the use of the Cauldron, so that the Water element can ‘marry’ the Fire element. By having the Fire under the cooking pot, the energy from the Sun can then be Freed THROUGH the food that will then add to the Ascension process of the Eater. Consequently the organization increases in context, by the eater’s creation of the family, community and concern for world order.

The over-consumption of water was promoted by the medical science, with the assumption that we can “flush” poisons from our body. The contrary is true. Of course, by drinking more water than the body naturally needs, we will urinate more. Each time when we urinate we discharge trace minerals that we need to keep our blood alkaline and the immune system stable. Thus the immune system becomes rapidly depleted as we literally flush the precious trace minerals down the drain! Then, with the lack of trace minerals our blood becomes less able to capture poisons that later is expelled via the urine.

With the excessive urination we lose much body heat. With each “flush” the entire body is shocked, due to the great effort it must make to keep the body temperature stable. A few degrees off will make us chill or have fever. Both extremes can kill. Doctors have recently spoken against the “eight glasses of water a day”. There is much disinformation about Health that has slipped into the “health movement” via journals. The vitamin C myth is another one. It is best to accept all “scientific evidence” with a kernel of salt, until it has been time proven for at least seven generations. For example, Humanity has been cooking their food for at least ten thousand years and suddenly there is a “raw food” rage, another “diet” based on the same “scientific establishment” that still must come up with a cure for just one disease, including the “common cold”.