The Kitchen

Make it the Temple of the Home. Remove everything that’s not needed for the daily food preparation (plastic, empty jars, literature, junk mail, rubber bands, distracting slogans, all clutter. Remove aluminum and Teflon (‘nonstick’) coated pots and pans and replace them with either ceramic, enamel coated or good quality iron. Good quality stainless steel is the last one. Replace that plastic cutting-board with a wooden one. Throw out the microwave oven! Replace the electric stove with a gas one. A wood-stove is best.

Un-clutter the working space. Remove all ‘food’ which contain sugar, chemical preservatives, artificial coloring flavoring and sweeteners, etc. Supply the kitchen with foods which have the minimal packaging (boxes, cans, bottles). Buy the dry foods in bulk (grains, beans, lentils) for an entire year. This is the true Money that will become evident when money cannot buy food anymore. Put the personal energies in the kitchen. All noisy electric machines (dish-washers) will only disturb the peace. And, if you truly want to completely overhaul the kitchen… replace all the closed cupboards with nice looking wooden open shelving, so that everything can be seen and instantly found. Organize the food sections by category. Make the Kitchen the place of Alchemy. The Change of the World begins from here!

We are not dealing here with a ‘health-kick’. It is about being Responsible. There is nothing Honorable about defiling our being that has been created in the Image of the ONE and then be remodeled (cloned) in the image of an inferior god or idiot. Wake Up and SEE!