Food and the Child

A child’s parenting begins with the parent’s Blood Quality and at a later stage only by mother’s blood, to feed the baby in the womb. Father and Mother represent Heaven and Earth. Father’s sperm carries Heaven’s energies and correlates with the nervous system (mental). Mother’s ovum represents Earth’s energies and correlates with the digestive system (body).

Why is blood so special? Blood contains the complex protein by which the Water element is contained. The water element is needed to capture the Spirit within the physical realm and thus by water further organization or crystallization (from the outer into the inner) becomes possible, to structure the body during the nine months of the primary maturation process. In other words, the outer or macrocosm is organized into a very dense form (microcosm) and this happens with what links the outer with the inner most wholly and energetically which is food. For this reason the womb is near the small-intestine where food is biologically transmuted into blood plasma. By this shift every day 1/10 of the blood plasma is changed. Thus in 10 days the body’s basic “building-block” undergoes a total change. In 3 to 4 months the blood plasma changes into the red blood cell, this in turn changes into the complex body cell in 7 to 8 years. This explains why the child enters maturity around the age of 13 (9 months + 4 years + 8 years) that goes along with the growing of ‘wisdom teeth’, so that the 32 vertebrae can be fully activated by the 32 teeth. These ‘wisdom teeth’ will naturally grow without complication when the child has been eating the whole cereal grain (around 50%) as its daily main food.

The birth of the child indicates the fundamental change of cosmic orientation. From the head going down, then horizontal and gradually going up. This change of direction correlates with the emphasis on the shift of element, from the water element to the fire element. Thus upon birth the blood that the baby needed as its main food (food refined by the mother by her to change it into blood) becomes sweet (carbohydrates) indicating the integration of the Fire element.

Mother’s milk is sweet indeed. The great sweetness indicates the simple sugar that the baby needs, primarily brought to full digestion in the stomach, since the baby’s small-intestine is still not fully able to digest solid food centered on the complex carbohydrate. While the baby is gradually developing the ability and capacity to fully digest food, the mother aids the baby with her transmuted blood, her milk. So, it is not such a great idea to give a Human baby the milk from an animal that has a long way to go in evolution to become Human! Especially by giving the child animal foods it will greatly set a mark on the basic development of the brain and behaviour Throughout Human history this has become evident.

Baby’s food can gradually become less refined (sweet in taste) as the teeth appear. Then gradually the Whole Cereal Grain is included in the daily food. First in the form of “milk” (liquid) and gradually more solid as the molars develop. The whole cereal grain’s fire element is contained by its complex carbohydrates. This means a slower release of energy and thus time is given for the fire element to reach the small-intestine, from where it can rise and “set the brain on fire”, through the Heart. Without this complete route, from the mouth to the brain, the child can become “heartless”. This becomes evident when one drinks alcohol (extreme refined carbohydrate), because the “food” has entered a “bypass”, by which the fire (“fire-water”) enters the blood/brain. We can become “drunk” with the overdose of sugar over a long period of time. This gradual “becoming drunk” is not so easily seen as “mannerism” can keep the “time-bomb” temporarily in check.

In the small intestine the food is brought to chaos so that order can rise from it. That’s why the central nervous system begins near the anus. The raising of the child must go along with its gradual ability and capacity to digest food and consequently the raising of Consciousness via the spine. The digestive systems begins with 32 teeth and have a direct influence on the 32 vertebrae. The child cannot be enough reminded, constantly, to fully CHEW its food (until liquid). So, the order and perception of order grows from the internal turning point, the small-intestine. Then the perception of order, in the brain, is brought forth by the organization of blood with the aid of the internal organs. This makes the small intestine the essential polarity of the brain. The greatest attribute of the child’s mentor (parents) is food, way of eating and the small-intestine.

The whole cereal grain can be the baby’s food at all times, even when the mother cannot produce the milk. And this is what can be done:

  1. Wash and toast separately brown rice (60%), whole oats – grains (30%), unpolished sesame (10%). Toast while still wet over medium flame until light brown (will do some ‘popping).

  2. Mix and mill (invest in a flour mill) in a fine flour. Very fine for the first month.

  3. Dilute with water and bring to a boil while stirring . Judge water proportion by baby’s age.

  4. Simmer for 1/2 hour minimum while stirring to prevent caking at the bottom.

Other cereal grains can be used in the same manner. Do not give the child salt for the first 3 years. Gradually the cereal grains can be cooked as described in this book, but then with more water to soften the consistency. Pressure cooking is best (50 min after the pressure is up).