The education of the Child begins with CHEWING! Why? We are Creation in the Human Form and therefore it is essential that the harmony between outer and inner-Creation is maintained with the properly digested food.

In Mother’s womb it is she who does the digesting of food and the resulting Blood becomes then the baby’s first food. But then, upon birth the child must create its own blood. This goes along with ‘shifts of mouth’, from the belly to the head. By this change the return is made to where the fetes began, with the head during its first eight days.

This head pulsated, because it contained the Heaven-Earth polarity, later becoming upper and lower-jaw. Between these two the heart begins to develop, which later becomes the tongue. And as the body develops from the head down, the heart shifts from the head to the body. Also the lower part of the head descends, which then becomes the small-intestine or ‘inner-Earth’. While the upper part of the head remains at the onset of the gestation, which then becomes the brain.

From here on inner-Heaven and inner-Earth pulsate the Heart in the body in order to develop the independent inner-circulatory system. Then upon birth the baby continuous Mother’s help by way of Education. And this requires the ‘first heart’ or Tongue to be stimulated by way of CHEWING, especially the Whole cereal grain, for this food contains the Total Memory that connects the Heart’s Centre with the Source of Creation, of which we are a microcosm.

Also, the mild sweet taste of the Whole cereal grain will Remind each body-cell how to inter-connect with the Heart, of which its centre is the ‘point-zero’ or Portal to Directly connect with the ONE. It is with this Total Connection that the God-given Free Will can be used to most profoundly use all of Creation from Within into ever greater levels of Consciousness, to KNOW who we ARE = I AM that I AM.