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* Please do not be a part of this Page when you do not want to CARE and SHARE (you can Delete yourself from it). ONLY give the “thumb up” with a SHARE after you have red or watched the entire published Message. SHARING is the Focus of this Page.

* Please refrain this Page from “funnies, finger-pointing, time-consuming entertainment and Selfies”. The Focus is also on the Total Healing/Being and the Realization of the Divine PLAN that brought us to Planet Earth. Time is of Essence. The Last TEST is on.

* This Page of Facebook is Introducing the Pages of the Living Knowledge Book, of which we Are the Testimony, Creation in the Human Form. Therefore the Oneheart Teaching is needed, so that we can Read this BOOK of books = Self-examination, which leads to the Divine Sovereign who Realizes that it is the Creator of its Own Reality = Self-mastery.


* For over 50 generations Humanity has been Systematically Forced into a Mental-TRAP of Self-oppression, Self-denial and Self-devaluation.

* It has been accomplished by way of Education, Religion and Blood-quality Manipulation by way of Food and Environmental Pollutions.

* The underlying Principle is based on making secondary laws the Controlling factor Over the Onelaw of Creation.

* Of course this is Not possible and therefore the Failure for the Secondary Order to Continue.

* This explains why today’s establishment has not one Solution or Cure for just one Problem or Disease, not even for a headache.

* We have come to the Extreme experience of the Ignoring of Ignorance = ARROGANCE.

* The Only way for the Secondary law to be Enforced is by way of instilling FEAR.

* At first the fear to be tortured was used (Inquisition).

* Today the Enforcement of “law and order” is “Self-regulated”, by Humanity fearing to Lose the “right” not to belong in the “Pleasure and Ignorance is Bliss” TRAP.

* Therefore the “education” is needed to get a “Job to make Money and Status”.

* As such the Individual’s Value of Self can be regulated as how we Value the Money whereby we are Valued…by a “chosen few” who Decide how to Manipulate the Value and Use of Money.

* To make it extra clear…anything we Value is a Reflection as how we value ourselves, and thus, in order to Survive in the mental-TRAP we must SELL ourselves for a Prize – “and the winner is….”.

* Originally PRICELESS, because we are Creation in the Human Form, we have to DE-Value Ourselves in order to Survive within a Exploitative Monetary System.

* This is the Present Self-regulated Slavery of Humanity.

* HOW to get out of the TRAP?

* HOW to be Void of the laws which are used as Weapons to make Weapons the law, as it is today in its Extreme?

* “Truth-exposures”, Petitions, Demonstrations and “airing frustrations on Facebook” are like useless “wailing-wall bla, bla, bla”.

* The SAME laws under which the Problems were created cannot be used to bring forth the needed JUSTICE.

* To do so is like “asking the fox to protect the chickens”.

* Humanity needs to be EDUCATED about the Practical Application of the ONELAW of Creation, which is the Only Absolute Constant that is Self-enforcing without any form of Violence.

* By Knowing HOW to Live this Law of laws we can become Conscious that we are the Creator of our Own Reality = SOVEREIGNTY = FREEDOM.

* That’s why the Oneheart Teaching, based on the Onelaw came about.

* The timely Universal KNOWLEDGE that it offers is Fundamental for Humanity’s Total Purification, of all the false indoctrinations and lies, which were imposed on us throughout the ages of ordeals and TESTING.

* And to have this most needed Cleansing become Global, ASAP, we need the Constructive FRIENDSHIP, Today.

* We must stop with accusing the “chosen few” to be the Thieves of Wealth.

* The TRILLIONS which they use to hire the Police and armies to do the brutal law-enforcements come from Us, by way of Commerce, fines and taxes, so that we can “enjoy the good life” while others suffer.

* And this scenario gets back and forth, so that everyone will get their “fair share” of Self-devaluation.

* We do not agree with the corrupt law and order, but Obey it anyway, because we do Not Know HOW to Live it in normal Daily Life.

* So, I BEG you to SUPPORT the Oneheart Teaching, which can be as FREELY SHARED around the World according to Your Caring and Sharing for Everyone and the World.

* I say “BEG”, to make it Clear that I am not a Thief as the many who rather thrive on the Poverty of Others.


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Roy Littlesun