Sprinkle on the cereal grain according to taste appeal, it is great to speedily improve the natural immune system.

  1. Wash unpolished sesame seeds and soak it for about ½ hour.

  2. Pulverize sea salt until it is powder-fine. Use a ceramic mortar and pestle or a smooth flat stone on a wooden cutting board.

  3. Drip-dry the seeds and toast it in a skillet (layer should be about 2-4 cm thick.

  4. Stir from side to side in a rhythmic manner for an even toast and to prevent scorching.

  5. Stir faster when the seeds start popping. The flame may be lowered too.

  6. Continue until observing a slight smoking appears (may be too late!). This means the oily seeds are ready for burning. This is difficult to see unless we skillfully shake the skilled to see the trapped smoke. By experience we will know when to end. Observe the color, it should become light brown. Smell and taste can be used to make the decision to stop.

  7. Have a bowl ready on the side, so that the toasted seeds can be immediately transferred to stop the heat transfer.

  8. Mix 1 part of the powdered salt to about 12 parts (for small children 1 : 25) of toasted sesame seeds. Smash this in a mortar or suribashi (Japanese type of mortar). And store it in a closed jar to preserve the flavor.