Thinly slice the carrot under an angle (about 30 degrees), to get a long 3 mm strip. Then slice this peace lengthwise to get long match-type sticks.

Heat the skillet first before adding a small amount of cooking oil (sesame oil is best), about ½ – 1 table spoon and stir to get an even cooking.

Add the carrot sticks and sauté until they are half cooked.

Add a very small amount of water to bring up the steam and close the skillet with a lid.

Lower the flame.

When soft add soy sauce to taste.

Lower the flame more.

Be sure there is enough moist to prevent scorching.

The same method can be applied to parsnips, turnips and kohlrabi.

Also pumpkin (best Kabocha) and hard squash, but then cut in larger chunks.