Sixty years ago we hardly heard about Breast-cancer. Then, it became noticeable After the Dairy industry got boosted. The promotion included the ‘free milk’ given to children at school. Milk became readily accessible in the store too (before it was delivered by the ‘milkman’ at the door). In addition, the medical system advised Mothers to give their Babies cow’s milk instead of her own (so that she can ‘go to work’).

Woman can create from Within, because she can produce Extra Blood. But then, when she is not pregnant, she Menstruates in order to have the body be maintained without the ‘Extra’. So, what happens when she replaces the ‘extra’ in the form of the consumed Milk which is a transmutation of Cow’s Blood? Worst, the condensed cow’s blood in the form of Butter and Cheese. Pizza became increasingly popular too. Then, at first the body tries to store this ‘extra blood’ in the form of ‘bodily weight’, especially around the hips. Menstrual problems usually arise, because how can she menstruate that ‘delicious pizza’?

The body then tries to Protect itself from the ‘contained/stagnant menstruation’, by isolating it in the form of a Tumor, which is an ‘Embryo not to be born into the outer’. This ‘cheese-embryo’ manifests either as ‘weight around the waste’, a tumor or both, which at a certain point need to be ‘Born’, and this happens Internally. So, this ‘internal birth’ is followed by the Mother to Feed it with the Stagnant cow’s milk. This ‘internal feeding’ becomes Breast-cancer, because the cheese cannot flow through the mammal-glands.

Also Meat is a transmutation of Blood, which can also contribute to Woman’s cancer. And how about the Chicken-egg, which is the ‘hen’s menstruation’?

The medical-system’s ‘solution’? Lop-off the breasts before it become problematic!

And to heap on this dairy-onslaught, FASHION has been used to speed up Woman’s dilemma. Gradually her pants got lowered (‘red-district wear’), and later on the exposure of the belly. Also the underwear became no more. As such the Womb-area Cools, which contributes to the Stagnation of the Blood that already has become sluggish by the ‘extras’. Know that the Dark wants us to be Re-designed in the image of a False god – ultimately becoming the micro-chipped clone. Hence Woman has been the ‘system’s main-target (began with Roma’s Inquisition), because She creates From Within, contrasting Roma’s who wants to create from without.

Also the ‘tippy-toeing’ on ‘high-heels has been added to show Woman’s subjectivity to the Systematic Corruption of the Human Race. This ‘shoe-trick’ is another form of the abolished ‘Chinese foot-binding’ to ‘keep Woman in check’. In case of Men, all of it can manifest as Prostate-cancer and impotence. Know that the Sperm also originates from Blood.

Wake Up Women and Men and know your Divine Responsibility towards the Human Race!

Note: The baby-cow will die in a matter of days when it is fed the milk that is sold to Humans.