Breakfast correlates with the Beginning of Evolution, which is Ocean-life. Therefore our entire Biological makeup has to be accordingly maintained. We can live on land, because we carry the ocean within us in the form of Blood. So, it makes sense to activate the inner-ocean first, in the morning with the Food that correlates with ocean-life, also containing the beneficial bacteria that correlates with the first form of life, in the ocean.

Miso-soup would be the Best to start the day with. Many begin with coffee, because they lack the inner-Polarity between Heaven (brain) and Earth (small-intestine) to ‘get UP’. It is by the interaction of these two inner-Poles, that the blood’s Circulation is generated. This natural bodily circulation we can undermine with the creation of a stimulant, like coffee.

After the miso-soup or at least a savory (salty) soup, we can continue with foods which are easy to digest, such as Porridge made from whole cereal grains (left-overs can be boiled with water added to it).

But due to the over-commercialization of fruits (since the 50’s), many are now beginning the day with fruits and juices. As such the integrated evolution has no Basis. Then the reliance on the artificial stimulants (sugar and coffee), which will wear down the body – also the stamina of Mind. Becoming easily irritated and giving up on tasks are the typical results. In most homes this can be witnessed, where the day ends with piled up ‘dirty dishes’ in the Kitchen (use to be the First Temple).

The justification of having fruits and juices for breakfast is that they are ‘easy to digest’. Not really. What is meant here, it is easy to have it entered the blood via the Stomach (correlates with land-life), instead of the Small-intestine (Ocean-life). In other words, instead of the progression from Ocean to Land, the contrary is created. This inner-Involution will contribute to the creation of Degenerative Diseases, such as Cancer and Diabetes. And when the Mind is affected, it will contribute to Addiction or even Suicide (or suicidal behaviour).