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* To BE or Not to BE and the Onelaw

* GOD/god = LAW/law

* Man, the Living Book

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* The Seven Principles of the Onelaw

* The Seven Theorems of the Onelaw

  • Examples of Yin/Yang Identification

* Live Creator’s Law


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To BE or Not to BE and the Onelaw

A cycle of Consciousness is coming to its conclusion and is sealed with the Question: ‘to BE or not to BE’? The preparation in the creation of the ‘not to BE’ option required the extreme Corrupt, Destructive and Painful efforts in order to contrast Creation. The Human can do it, since it was designed in the image of the Creator (God), by also having given Free Will. In other words, the Divine Gift included Creator’s Power, so that inner-Creation can be maintained on Creator’s terms, which is the One-law. This Law of laws is the absolute and eternal Constant, CHANGE.

Free Will comes about by the CHOICE to be willed by Creator’s Will. So, ultimately the choice needs to be made to BE (I AM) in order to Realize that we are in truth Eternal. Evolution is therefore needed to gradually realize that we are the Creator of our own reality.

Free Will can also give us the EVIDENCE that what is said here is true, when we make the choice of the Contrary, the ‘not to BE’. Herewith we can gear up to the Extreme polarity whereby the Last Choice can be made! How else can it be, unless the two extreme options are presented in order to Realize that the closest we can come to the Creator is indeed WITHIN, notably in our Heart’s Centre, ‘point-Zero’? At this Centre of centres, the Change or the One-law can be Controlled from, because it is Un-changing. The closer we can BE with this ultimate Centre to more we can BE the Observer and Choice-maker.

In the creation of anti-Creation we had to constantly miserably Fail to ‘peel the Cosmic-onion’ in order to come to its Centre, which is within. The layers are of the outer, whereby the Mind is used, for it is able to superficially Discern by mine/yours, like/dislike, good/bad, right/wrong, proper/improper, etc. As such opposites can be perceived as antagonists. The initial tests to it were set by the conflict between Lemuria and Atlantis. Extreme technologies of weaponry were used in conjunction with contrasting the GOAL of life, Self-realization, I AM. And since the Fire-element is needed to Rise/Ascend from the Duality, the technology led to the creation of the Atom-bomb. From there on the digital technology that is now used to control the world from without (satellite system).

The INQUISITION was launched by Roma/Vatican to come to the last of the experiment/test. Inquisition means inquiry, inquiring what is in our minds. This contrasting order to that of Creation, which have set the basis of the ‘New World Order’, can only be when we begin with Creator’s One-law to be contrasted by laws which have to be obeyed in order to have a system of anti-Creation, in every detail. It ultimately required the Human to be RE-designed in the image of an artificial god.

The first step in the creation of anti-Creation is to establish the external control over the DIRECTION of Evolution, changing the Progressive into the Regressive. And since FOOD is the essence of this process, Woman needed to be forced to give up her mastery over the KITCHEN, which was at that time the true Centre of Government, for it was the first Temple/Church, Hospital, Laboratory, School, Court of Justice and Centre of Economy. Every Home had its own bank, storing the universal money, the whole Cereal Grain. This food contains the total MEMORY, which can become the BLOOD whereby we can physically manifest and function, feel, be emotional, think, discern, make a choice, create and ultimately identify ourselves in our own capacity as a Member (‘re-Member’) of Creation. Along with Roma’s persecution of Woman, the Mid-wife, Alchemist and anyone who believes that the Creator of ALL is within, were forced to renounce their belief and practices. And anyone who refused to resort to Self-betrayal was publicly tortured to death.

Has the inquisition ended? Ask the Pope. If he says ‘yes’, then ask. ‘when and how’? There is no answer to it. Today’s ‘New World Order’ that dominates ALL nations with the SAME mentality, the global trend of INVOLUTI

ON shows where we are at, as the last stage of the Divine Test is being presented. The ONLY way to Change ‘Roma into Amor’ requires us to:

* Make the One-law our Primary Constant in Daily Life.

* Restore the Kitchen as the Centre of Government.

* Establish the Whole Cereal Grain as the daily Main-food, to restore the cellular- * * Memory that can Link us with the Source.

* Refrain the Child from the ‘education/vaccine’ whereby it can be steered into involution.

 * Stop buying food and beverages at the supermarket.

 * Stop with listening to the ‘doctor’.

* Stop with believing the ‘media’.

* Stop with doing anything that promotes the involution.

God/god = Law/law

Who does one worship God or god? What is worship and what is God? Worship is adoration – having an affinity to that which supports us in one way or another, or as a whole. The comfort that we enjoy most we worship most; this is to us is our God.

Law is the Constant by which our needs and existence are perpetuated. The guarantee for the support we need to exist is Law. Consider the two existences of Being: one is temporary – measured between birth and death; the other is eternal and has neither beginning nor end. When we primarily or only, consider our existence as temporal, we primarily or only subject ourselves to temporal laws. As such we become a ‘subject’ of who control the law. Such laws are governed under a secondary or inferior god. However, when our Eternal Existence is our primary concern, we will follow the Eternal and Unbreakable Onelaw of the Creator of All. This God we worship is the true and only God. God (Creator of All) = Law (eternal constant).


The Law/law is the God/god. We can know which God/god we follow by the Law/law we use to sustain or protect ourselves by. The Law of God is made by Him and can only be enforced by Him. Since God is in everything and everyone, this Law is self-enforcing. When we Live His Law, we live a Just Life. On the contrary, man-made laws have to be enforced by man; artificial forces are required to make these laws work. It requires a deductive mindset and external/artificial means of ‘law-enforcement’.

Organized spirituality and education have been employed to instill co-operation with temporal or man-made laws. The concepts of obligation, guilt, insecurity, shame and fear become then the tools to enforce these laws. Addiction tops them all, making one obey “the law” without a second thought. The god of addiction today is ruling through money, drugs, “medicine,” “social security,” junk foods, sex, etc. The laws of this god are enforced by police and armies at first, but then, when one’s acceptance of the “law” is imprinted in one’s brain, one will no longer care to question the difference between God and god. This is the imminent danger the world is facing today.

MAN, the LIVING Book


LIFE is the Eternal School, to KNOW who we Are, as Creation in the Human Form.

All the Lessons gained are written in the Soul, by which the Body is used to Extract the Essence of the Experience into Consciousness, to ultimately Realize that we are the Creator of our own Reality.

Creation is the Ultimate Context in which we can become Conscious of who we ARE.

Since the Human has been created IN the Image of God, the ALL MIGHTY, it is our Sacred Task to find out what it takes to Consciously make the Direct inner-Connection with the Only ONE, WITHIN.

Therefore we have a HEART, of which its Center is the PORTAL, where the Knower (Observer/Inner/Center) and that what can be Known (Mirror/Outer/Circle) can be Universally Unified.

By the Oneness of Observer and Mirror we can Eternally Experience FREEDOM.

This BLISS we can have, by not being contained by the Distance between the Observer and the Mirror.

This Distance is also the Delayed Perception of “Here and Now”, which gives us the EXPERIENCE in Space and Time, to find out the Difference between who we Are and who we are Not.

We can then be Truly FREE, because we can make the CHOUCE to BE and SEE BEYOND the Mirror, Truly Realizing that the “Sky is the Limit!

FREEDOM is to be Consciously in the Unstoppable “Here and Now”.

We are then the Book of the “Never Ending Story”, that we can most accurately Read when we Know the “ABC of Creation”, Expansion (Yin) and Contraction (Yang), the Nature of Contrast whereby we can become Conscious.

Moreover, we can Expand on this Book of books with the Ever Realization of the Infinite Possibilities which are Contained by the ORIGIN of origins.

The “Book’s ABC”, similar as a Law, is also a CONSTANT, whereby Order can be Understood and Maintained.

All depending as how the “ABC” is understood and expanded upon, to create words, sentences and finally STORIES.

Our Being, Creation in the Human Form, must be maintained by the Law of laws, of Creation, when we want to Serve TRUTH From Within.

We can then Add to the Divine Library (“HIS-story”) another True Story, to the benefit of the Consciousness whereby Creation’s Eternity is Maintained.

Therefore we have been given Intelligence and FREE WILL (His Will through us), to Know the Difference between who we Are and who we are Not.

The Creator of ALL and us are One.

How True are we to Ourselves to begin with, along the Self-examination, to finally KNOW that we are Eternal too?

What is holding us in the Confinement of Self-denial?

Are we Serving the Conditional or Unconditional?

As Co-creators we have the Divine Responsibility (“to respond”) to Enrich the Divine Library of the Infinite Universe with our “latest comprehension” of the Unconditional Truth.

The “to BE or Not to BE?” Question is the Last Threshold.

LIBERATION from the “Not to BE Trap” is attained with the Union of Observer and Mirror.

Creator’s Law

All phenomena are the result of The Law. To truly understand all things in essence, the Principles of Law have to be understood. Everything, visible and invisible, is in constant flux. Without change things and even concepts will disappear as soon as they are created. There has to be a constant to make existence continue. The constant that perpetuates Creation is Change, Creator’s Law. Everything changes due to the Un-change, which is change. This paradox is the key to the Great Mystery.

Oneness is the beginning and end, and is The Source. It is only through contrast or polarity that we can sense Oneness. Front and back, high and low, left and right, inner and outer, past and future, etc., give dimension and the possibility to Realize a possibility. Contrast creates ‘everything out of nothing’. At inception, Oneness ‘explodes’ and separates itself into two, the polarity. One pole has the inner position (Centre) and the other pole has the outer position (circumference). The opposite poles maintain each other, due to their common origin, the Oneness.

This Oneness is ‘remembered’ by the polarity, which is why opposites attract one another. Upon the union, the polarity remembers the differentiation. Consequently they separate. From here on the pulsation continues. Change is based on this initiation.

In order to eternally continue the pulsation (life), the opposite poles have to be complementary. This interdependence between the two is Order. The cycles of nature, keeping us alive, maintain order. All particles within these cycles, including atoms and parts of the atom can be seen as order. Constantly the inner and the outer empower and maintain each other.

Within us all of Creation is represented – also the Creative Force, by which the Oneness could become two. This polarization is represented within us as the Power of Discernment. By this factor, we can re-enter the Oneness and become Enlightened. However, before that happens, the ultimate choice, and the ability to live it, has to be made. By making a choice, we have to discern first. When the choice is made to enter the purity of the Oneness, by living the true law, the Creative Force within us will make us merge with the Origin.

On the other hand, the ability to make choices enables the human being to experiment, and deviate from the true law. Our curiosity goes that far, that we even try to negate the Law, to see what happens when we do so. We then have to design our own laws. These laws have to be of an opposite nature. Thus, opposites are not supposed to be complementary. They have to be conflicting. Right and wrong, good and bad, like and dislike, mine and yours, are the concepts by which the experimental order can go forth.

How we relate to opposites determines how we relate to the Oneness. When we seek Oneness within the universal context, health, peace, justice and freedom come naturally. For example, we breathe by inhalation and exhalation. As such, we maintain our Oneness within the realm of air, inter-connecting with all the creatures who breathe air. We drink and urinate to maintain our Oneness within the realm of water (oceans, clouds, rain, lakes, springs, rivers), and all the creatures who drink water. When we eat solid foods, we maintain our Oneness with the Earth and all celestial bodies, which makes our food grow. Thus, when the energies we internalize are wholesome and pure, including teachings, our life can be most dynamically experienced.

The modern world was designed in conjunction with the distorted way of eating. The industrialization of food created an incomplete relationship with Creation. It caused modern humanity to think in antagonistic terms. As such, Oneness is forged through conquest and various forms of violence

The Seven Principles of the Onelaw

All visible and invisible phenomena are manifestations of One Infinity

Everything changes.

All antagonisms are complementary.

There is nothing identical.

What has a front has a back.

The bigger the front, the bigger the back.

What has a beginning has an end.

The Twelve Theorems of the Onelaw

1- Oneness (infinite expansion) continuously manifests itself, at all points and moments, as divisions of itself that create 2 forces:

2- Centrifugality (expansion), which is Yin, Centripetally (contraction), which is Yang.

3- Yin and Yang result continuously from the Infinite Centrifugally.

4- Yin is centrifugal. Yang is centripetal. Yin and Yang together produce energy and all phenomena.

5- Yin attracts Yang. Yang attracts Yin. Yin repels Yin. Yang repels Yang.

6- The force of attraction and repulsion is proportional to the difference of the Yin and Yang components. Yin and Yang combined in varying proportions produce energy and all phenomena.

7- All phenomena are ephemeral, constantly changing their Yin and Yang balance of components.

8- Nothing is solely Yin or solely Yang. Everything involves polarity.

9- There is nothing neutral. Either Yin or Yang is in excess in every occurrence.

10- Large Yin attracts small Yin. Large Yang attracts small Yang.

11- At the extremes, Yin produces Yang, and Yang produces Yin.

12- All physical forms and objects are Yang at the centre and Yin at the circumference.

Extra Note:

We can relate to the Duality in two ways:

1- As antagonistic, due to the lack of a Unifying Center.

2- As complementary by having the Unifying Center within the Observer (creates the Trinity whereby the Source continues in all phenomena). This Center of centers is the “Fountain-head” of Creation, which is centered in the Heart where all opposites meet as ONE = the DIRECT Connection with the Creator of ALL or SOURCE. The closer we come to this “Point-zero” the more we Realize that we are the Creator of our Own Reality!

Examples of Yin/Yang identification

Category Yin – Yang

General centrifugal Force – centripetal Force

Tendency expansion – contraction

diffusion – fusion

dispersion – assimilation

separation – gathering

division – union

decomposition – organization

Dimension: space – time

Movement:  inactive and slower – active and faster

Vibration: shorter wave, high frequency – longer wave, low frequency

Direction: ascend, vertical, outwards – descend, horizontal, inwards

Body: left – back , right – front

Position: superficial, secondary – essential, original

Weight: lighter- heavier

Temperature colder hotter

Color: violet, blue, green, yellow (middle), orange, red

Taste: spicy hot, sour, mild sweet (middle), salty, bitter

Light: darker – lighter

Humidity: wet – dry

Density: thinner, softer – thicker, harder

Size, Form: longer, bigger – shorter, smaller

Shape expansive, fragile contractive, sturdy

Texture: softer – harder

Atomic particle: electron – proton

Elements: N, O, K, P, Ca, – .H, C, Na, As, Mg, , ,

Environment- winter, night – summer, day

Climate: tropical, forest – colder climate, desert

Biological: vegetable – animal

Gender: female – male

Organ structure: hollow – compacted

Nerves: orthosympathetic – parasympathetic

Attitude: gentle, negative – active, positive

Work: psychological, mental – physical, social

Live Creator’s Law

Created in the Image of the ALL-Mighty, we have been given the GIFT of Free Will that we can only use with the Power of DISCERNMENT.

Ultimately we must make the CHOICE between the Extreme Options whereby we can Know that the only ONE is WITHIN.

With The Choice we can let Creation come forth through the microcosm that holds the Soul, which is temporarily enshrouded by the flesh.

Our Being was most precisely designed to Live the absolute and eternal Onelaw of Creation.

As a Human we are able to CHANGE the outer into the inner and the inner into the outer.

We are a Miracle and can create miracles too.

The greatest miracle of Creation is WORLD PEACE, to be realized by the ALL-Being who is within each one of us.

Change, however, is created by Contrast.

Thus by contrast the Observer can Know itself by the Reflection of the Mirror that He made.

The mirror is not of who we truly Are.

This Illusion has Divided Humanity and is like the shadow that will disappear when the Light is lit from Within.

The Dilemma is created when we identify our self by the Mirror, that we then try to own and defend with the laws of “mine and yours”, “right and wrong”.

When we cannot own the mirror, we then try to destroy it and as such the real enemy remains hidden, within.

And, since these dualistic laws were created by us…we must enforce them also.

This is the very origin of all wars.

Each one claiming its laws to be superior over another’s.

We have to create the fixation or anti- Change within our self, first in order to get fixed into the Mirror.

The inner and the outer are not different.

Only in concept or by the illusion.

The time has arrived to be disillusioned and this goes along with the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE?”

Want to have PEACE?

Then Practice the Onelaw in Daily Life..

Everything else will merely empower the Illusion, of which its constant has a beginning and end.

That’s why ultimately there is self-destruction, war to confirm the truth of the dualistic laws we follow, that they are Finite.

The One Law, CHANGE, is Self-enforcing and no army can stop it.

In contrast, the army we need to make “war for peace” is stopped when it runs out of ammunition and the energy to keep the flesh moving.

Sleep-walking has brought us to the edge of the cliff, despite the shouts of “peace”

Who do we want to intimidate?

There is no need for it, when we Know that The Authority is WITHIN.

The ALL-Mighty is WITHIN, so, be silent and listen to the Heart.

Stop making inner-war.

Stop polluting inner-Creation with “Coca Cola and McDonalds”…and be ABLE to Change War into Peace.