1. Oneness (infinite expansion) continuously manifests itself, at all points and moments, as divisions of itself that create 2 forces:
  2. Centrifugality (expansion), which is Yin, Centripetally (contraction), which is Yang.
  3. Yin and Yang result continuously from the Infinite Centrifugally.
  4. Yin is centrifugal. Yang is centripetal. Yin and Yang together produce energy and all phenomena.
  5. Yin attracts Yang. Yang attracts Yin. Yin repels Yin. Yang repels Yang.
  6. The force of attraction and repulsion is proportional to the difference of the Yin and Yang components. Yin and Yang combined in varying proportions produce energy and all phenomena.
  7. All phenomena are ephemeral, constantly changing their Yin and Yang balance of components.
  8. Nothing is solely Yin or solely Yang. Everything involves polarity.
  9. There is nothing neutral. Either Yin or Yang is in excess in every occurrence.
  10. Large Yin attracts small Yin. Large Yang attracts small Yang.
  11. At the extremes, Yin produces Yang, and Yang produces Yin.
  12. All physical forms and objects are Yang at the centre and Yin at the surface