Without the control of the senses, spiritual practices (Sadhana) are ineffective; it is like keeping water in a leaky pot. Pathanjali (the celebrated sage and author of the Yoga Sutras) has said that when tongue is conquered, victory is yours. While the eye, the ear and the nose serve as instruments of knowledge about one particular characteristic of Nature, the tongue makes itself available for two purposes: to judge taste and to utter words – symbols of communication. You must control the tongue with double care, since it can harm you in two ways. When the tongue craves for some delicacy, assert that you will not cater to its whims. If you persist in giving yourself simple food that is not savoury or hot, but amply sustaining, the tongue may squirm for a few days, but it will soon welcome it. That is the way to subdue it and overcome the evil consequences of it being your master.


In the first 8 days upon conception in Mother’s Womb, the Heart begins to develops in the Head. What we can see is where Heaven and Earth begin to interact, which correlates with the initiation of Hearth’s pulsation.

Then, as Mother’s Blood continuous to flow towards the fetus, the Body’s development begins to extend from the head. As such the “inner-Earth, that later becomes the lower-jaw, “sinks” to the position of the “left-sided Heart”. But the “inner-Heaven” remains where it initially was and correlates with the lower part of the Brain, which is the upper-jaw.

The TONGUE…. is at the position where the Heart began. It is the KEY to Open the PORTAL, which is the Mouth, then to the Heart!!! So, in order to reach Heart’s “Point-zero” it is essential that the initial impression is imprinted on the Tongue and that it resonates with the Taste that has the most Balanced Taste (mild sweetness), which is of the Whole Cereal Grain. This taste we must maintain throughout the Meal. All other tastes, derived from side-dishes and condiments, we must manage to make it Complementary but not over-whelming. This is the major part of the Art of Eating. Moreover, we must also know how to manage the Digestive Process, initially the distance between the mouth and the small-intestine (inner-Earth).

We always begin the eating process with connecting the inner-Ocean that is of the Earth’s surface. Beginning with the taste that is slightly salty (best in the form of a soup or even a kernel of sea salt) will create the “initial connection”. The thorough CHEWING is very important to synchronize the tongue with where the food begins to change into the Blood, in the small-intestine. From here the “inner refined food” ascends to the “inner-land formation”, which correlates with passing the diaphragm on which the Heart is attached to with the pericardium.

Then, the blood carries the “refined-food” from the Heart to the Brain. And while chewing the blood secretes the Saliva in the mouth that enables us to taste. In this process of eating it is also essential that we “Program” the chewed food with the Thoughts which are then “channeled” by the Blood throughout the Body! Especial those who are seriously ill, they must occupy their eating process with the thoughts to be Focused on the part that needs to be Healed.

But, when we allow during the meal unrelated conversations or other distractions (TV, radio, bad feelings) interfere, we WILL later have to deal with it in an unpleasant way. In other words, when we do not properly Finish our basic inner-process, this WILL affect all other processes of the Outer, including the personal relationships. Families who cannot eat peacefully at one table become unhappy, dispersing and sick.

One more advice…complete each mouthful of food with the thorough chewing, swallow it, to then begin with another one. By it we set the very basis to bring completion in our life.