Created in the Image of the ALL-Mighty, we have been given the GIFT of Free Will that we can only use with the Power of DISCERNMENT.

Ultimately we must make the CHOICE between the Extreme Options whereby we can Know that the only ONE is WITHIN.

With The Choice we can let Creation come forth through the microcosm that holds the Soul, which is temporarily enshrouded by the flesh.

Our Being was most precisely designed to Live the absolute and eternal Onelaw of Creation.

As a Human we are able to CHANGE the outer into the inner and the inner into the outer.

We are a Miracle and can create miracles too.

The greatest miracle of Creation is WORLD PEACE, to be realized by the ALL-Being who is within each one of us.

Change, however, is created by Contrast.

Thus by contrast the Observer can Know itself by the Reflection of the Mirror that He made.

The mirror is not of who we truly Are.

This Illusion has Divided Humanity and is like the shadow that will disappear when the Light is lit from Within.

The Dilemma is created when we identify our self by the Mirror, that we then try to own and defend with the laws of “mine and yours”, “right and wrong”.

When we cannot own the mirror, we then try to destroy it and as such the real enemy remains hidden, within.

And, since these dualistic laws were created by us…we must enforce them also.

This is the very origin of all wars.

Each one claiming its laws to be superior over another’s.

We have to create the fixation or anti- Change within our self, first in order to get fixed into the Mirror.

The inner and the outer are not different.

Only in concept or by the illusion.

The time has arrived to be disillusioned and this goes along with the Last Question: “to BE or not to BE?”

Want to have PEACE?

Then Practice the Onelaw in Daily Life..

Everything else will merely empower the Illusion, of which its constant has a beginning and end.

That’s why ultimately there is self-destruction, war to confirm the truth of the dualistic laws we follow, that they are Finite.

The One Law, CHANGE, is Self-enforcing and no army can stop it.

In contrast, the army we need to make “war for peace” is stopped when it runs out of ammunition and the energy to keep the flesh moving.

Sleep-walking has brought us to the edge of the cliff, despite the shouts of “peace”

Who do we want to intimidate?

There is no need for it, when we Know that The Authority is WITHIN.

The ALL-Mighty is WITHIN, so, be silent and listen to the Heart.

Stop making inner-war.

Stop polluting inner-Creation with “Coca Cola and McDonalds”…and be ABLE to Change War into Peace.