Category Yin – Yang

General: centrifugal Force – centripetal Force

Tendency: expansion – contraction

Energy: diffusion – fusion

dispersion – assimilation

Social 1: separation – gathering

Social 2: division – union

Social: decomposition – organization

Dimension: space – time

Movement: inactive and slower – active and faster

Vibration: shorter wave, high frequency – longer wave, low frequency

Direction: ascend, vertical, outwards – descend, horizontal, inwards

Body: left – back , right – front

Position: superficial, secondary – essential, original

Weight: lighter- heavier

Temperature colder hotter

Color: violet, blue, green, yellow (middle), orange, red

Taste: spicy hot, sour, mild sweet (middle), salty, bitter

Light: darker – lighter

Humidity: wet – dry

Density: thinner, softer – thicker, harder

Size, Form: longer, bigger – shorter, smaller

Shape expansive, fragile contractive, sturdy

Texture: softer – harder

Atomic particle: electron – proton

Elements: N, O, K, P, Ca, – .H, C, Na, As, Mg, , ,

Environment- winter, night – summer, day

Climate: tropical, forest – colder climate, desert

Biological: vegetable – animal

Gender: female – male

Organ structure: hollow – compacted

Nerves: orthosympathetic – parasympathetic

Attitude: gentle, negative – active, positive

Work: psychological, mental – physical, social