When the hand holds the food, feels it and brings it to the mouth, where we can taste it, then, who is the one who holds, feels and taste? Then, upon the digestion the food becomes blood. The blood enables the hand to move and hold, feel and taste the food. Hand and mouth are merely instrumental to expedite the experience (expiration or temporary) into a lasting awareness. So, who is the ultimate ONE who holds, feels, taste and can eternally BE?

Food bridges the outer into the inner. Blood interconnects all the parts of the inner. So, being a microcosm of the Creator of ALL, Food must be the ‘Blood of Creation’, with the understanding that the eater in turn becomes food, for the Ultimate Eater. The Individual (‘indivisible-two’) is merely a part of Creator’s Body.

When we only eat for ‘hungry me’ the holding, feeling and tasting will not last. But, when we eat and live for the Creator of ALL, we can be full-filled. What does it take for us to realize that we are a part of Creator’s Domain and it is not ‘poor me’? The answer is simple, but Giving the answer is difficult. Difficulty is the shortest way to BE with the Creator, for it is giving up the familiar, temporary or illusion. They are the finite, Nothing.

Everything originates from Nothing. The secret of the realization is the change of the Un-manifest into the Manifest. In other words, by the detachment from the Illusory, that we can temporarily hold, feel and taste, by the senses, we can enter the Self-evident. What keeps us from this TRUTH (that will set us Free) is the identifying of the Self with the temporary, such as a passport, money, status, race or ‘DNA-sample’. Within the illusory realm the sensorial, sensual, emotional and all sorts of ‘pleasures’ one is kept in the cycle/addiction of suffering.

The surface of the skin, soon to be shed in the form of flakes, dandruff and smell, is very much exposed to the external from where the ‘raw-material’ comes from to be internally refined within the eater, into Consciousness. Although on a primary level of consciousness, the shedding is part of the maintenance of the outer-inner cycle. The Human cannot exist without this primitive superficial function as the Human cannot exist without the inner-workings which are close to the ONE, Within. With this realization we can also become aware that what we hold, feel and taste can last when we do it for the Creator!

How does the Creator hold, feel and taste? The temporary holding, feeling and tasting is the result of duality. By becoming One with the object the need for holding, feeling and tasting will vanish. However, by the attachment to the Perception of what we hold, feel and taste, the union cannot take place. Hot and cold will together explode into disunion when they come together without Love. Male and Female will soon separate with resentment when their ‘love’ is merely sensually and sentimentally based. The nucleus that holds the memory of One, to a certain degree, can be disintegrated with a technology by which a reactionary energy (microwave) can invade the inner.

Although being a part of Creator’s Body, Creator’s Love can also be used through the Human. For this reason we were given Free Will. ALL IS ONE. So, until we use this ultimate Power, Love, for the Creator, to realize that it is His Will, death or self-destruction will show us that we not yet Know. Suffering is ‘getting stuck in love’ (‘fall in love’), a Lesson that is meaningless unless the problem that goes along with it is solved. We are ‘problem creators/solvers’! Life within the dimensional or conditional is an ongoing Test. It is by the Last Test of Will that we can once and for all let go of the finite, by changing it into the eternal ‘I AM’.

ALL we need to BE is Unconditionally given to us by the Creator. So, how much space can we reserve to hold the never ending flow of Gifts? The only way for the receiving to BE Eternal is to return the Gifts in an IMPROVED way or state to the ONE (Who always for-gives). This is what our entire Being is, a ‘Cosmic Refinery’. What we can hold, feel and taste, we can distill into the Consciousness that ALL IS ONE. So, let’s practice Unconditional Love, so that we will not obstruct any part by which Consciousness can be Enriched with the Resolve of the Problem (= probe, attempt).

The problem is also the Stepping-stone into the World with the endlessly growing horizon. It also implies Happiness. ‘It Happens’ and what happens all the time is Change. To BE one with Change, truly living by the Law of laws is Happiness. Therefore the Dream or aspiration we dedicate our life to must be of an infinite nature. Happiness is the endless realization of an infinite dream!

Pope Francis recently stated: ‘the church (Vatican) is the Body of God’. This explains that the Vatican is still in full swing with the inquisition by which we, Creation in the Human Form, must be controlled from the outer by an inferior god whose order is that of demonocracy. The Truth is, our Body is the Church of God and to Change Roma into Amor is our Divine Responsibility to again master the quality of our Blood according to Creator’s Law.