All phenomena are the result of The Law. To truly understand all things in essence, the Principles of Law have to be understood. Everything, visible and invisible, is in constant flux. Without change things and even concepts will disappear as soon as they are created. There has to be a constant to make existence continue. The constant that perpetuates Creation is Change, Creator’s Law. Everything changes due to the Un-change, which is change. This paradox is the key to the Great Mystery.

Oneness is the beginning and end, and is The Source. It is only through contrast or polarity that we can sense Oneness. Front and back, high and low, left and right, inner and outer, past and future, etc., give dimension and the possibility to Realize a possibility. Contrast creates ‘everything out of nothing’. At inception, Oneness ‘explodes’ and separates itself into two, the polarity. One pole has the inner position (Centre) and the other pole has the outer position (circumference). The opposite poles maintain each other, due to their common origin, the Oneness.

This Oneness is ‘remembered’ by the polarity, which is why opposites attract one another. Upon the union, the polarity remembers the differentiation. Consequently they separate. From here on the pulsation continues. Change is based on this initiation.

In order to eternally continue the pulsation (life), the opposite poles have to be complementary. This interdependence between the two is Order. The cycles of nature, keeping us alive, maintain order. All particles within these cycles, including atoms and parts of the atom can be seen as order. Constantly the inner and the outer empower and maintain each other.

Within us all of Creation is represented – also the Creative Force, by which the Oneness could become two. This polarization is represented within us as the Power of Discernment. By this factor, we can re-enter the Oneness and become Enlightened. However, before that happens, the ultimate choice, and the ability to live it, has to be made. By making a choice, we have to discern first. When the choice is made to enter the purity of the Oneness, by living the true law, the Creative Force within us will make us merge with the Origin.

On the other hand, the ability to make choices enables the human being to experiment, and deviate from the true law. Our curiosity goes that far, that we even try to negate the Law, to see what happens when we do so. We then have to design our own laws. These laws have to be of an opposite nature. Thus, opposites are not supposed to be complementary. They have to be conflicting. Right and wrong, good and bad, like and dislike, mine and yours, are the concepts by which the experimental order can go forth.

How we relate to opposites determines how we relate to the Oneness. When we seek Oneness within the universal context, health, peace, justice and freedom come naturally. For example, we breathe by inhalation and exhalation. As such, we maintain our Oneness within the realm of air, inter-connecting with all the creatures who breathe air. We drink and urinate to maintain our Oneness within the realm of water (oceans, clouds, rain, lakes, springs, rivers), and all the creatures who drink water. When we eat solid foods, we maintain our Oneness with the Earth and all celestial bodies, which makes our food grow. Thus, when the energies we internalize are wholesome and pure, including teachings, our life can be most dynamically experienced.

The modern world was designed in conjunction with the distorted way of eating. The industrialization of food created an incomplete relationship with Creation. It caused modern humanity to think in antagonistic terms. As such, Oneness is forged through conquest and various forms of violence