Constructive Friendship:


* The Brain-conditioning

* Self-examination

* The Brain Use

* Brain Invasion

* What is Trash?

* True Value

* Friendship and Economy




The Brain-conditioning

We Enter the World with the Birthing-process.

It Initiates us into the Feeling-world.

Gradually the BRAIN becomes the threshold of the Sensing.

As part of the Realization of Who we are, the Brain can Subjected to External Exploitative interests.

And by the Way to make the Exploitation a SYSTEM….MONEY has been used to make Humanity Obey the Self-denial/devaluation.

As such Humanity can be Owned under secondary laws, to determine what we are worth.

That’s why it is mandatory by law that the Parents upon the Child’s birth must sign a “Birth-certificate”, stating that the Child Belongs to the state.

Times before the “Roman-law”, tribes were Owned by some “feudal lord”.

DEBTS were systematically invoked, so that the “lord” could have access to the Home and Family.

It so happened that girls were used as Payment, who then had to serve as a Prostitute.

Today Everyone in some way is subject to Prostitution.

The BRAIN has been Conditioned to Obey the Systematic Prostitution, and the following presentations explain it in different ways.



Explained with the Universal Orientation to
Become the Genuine Human

How many times can we tell the Truth that the “emperor has no clothes”? How many People will actually Listen and Dare to SEE?
So here it goes, again.
WE have been SUPPORTING a way of life that is now SERVING as the MIRROR, for us to do the SELF-examination.
And How do we Respond?
Pointing to the Mirror in Disgust.
Destroying the Mirror would be worst, because then there is no way to do the SELF-examination – LOST in Disgust.
Disgust with ourselves and others does not make the difference.
The Truth is that Observer and Mirror are ONE.
It is by the insistence that the Two are Divided, that the Chain-reaction of “Disgust of the Disgust” comes about.
Then demonstrations and petitions are staged, asking “the fox to protect the chickens”.
The True Power that we need to Change the World From Within can Only come about by the UNION of the Inner/Observer and the Outer/Mirror.
With this Oneness there is No Limit, because we can SEE Beyond the Mirror into the Infinite.
This is the True VISION of the GENUINE HUMAN.

Repeat: WE have been SUPPORTING a way of life that is now SERVING as the FINAL MIRROR, for us to do the SELF-examination.
Like a fish WE took the Bait.
Consumerism made us FORGET Who we Are.
What the Real Purpose is of Life and Why we have come to Planet Earth.
WE have become the Homeless in Despair within ourselves.
After birth we are “educated” to get a “job” or some sort to “survive”.
Therefore we must Support Territorialism.
The Territory that has to be Defended with the Enforcement of “laws”, which WE Obey regardless whether we like it or not.
A costly resting place (“Home”) within a “Nation”, run by Our energy condensed and convoluted in the form of Money.
Through Commercialism WE Provided TRILLIONS to have all of it Militarily Secured.
Therefore Wars and all sorts of Terrorism are NEEDED to keep us in the Constant state of being “insecure with insecurities”.
Trapped by Systematically created Sentiments of who is “right and who is wrong”.
No time to have the Constructive Communication with the Child who needs the Proper Education.
Demonstrations of dismay and following its proceeds on Facebook is more important than the SELF-examination, so that we can SEE into what Direction we are going into?

Still having your Attention?
Then see what can be gained from the following.

The Total Construct
(See Illustrations)
1 –
SOURCE or Mystery Egg containing the Infinite Possibilities.
2 –
A number of Possibilities are Released with the Polarization (“Big Bang”) to set the basis for the Realization (Awareness of what IS). By it the pole of EXPANSION is created.
3-4-5 –
Therefore the Energy is created (3) by the Opposites Attracting one another. By it the Expansion is contrasted by CONTRACTION. From thereon these Basic Tendencies, Expansion-Contraction, creating the Pulsation (4) Spirally, which ultimately Culminates to create Earth’s NUCLEUS (5).
5 –
* Planet Earth has the Extreme 3-dimensional Density to Reflect it all back to the SOURCE, with the HELP of the HUMAN. This Return requires Earth to facilitate the needed Evolutionary Process. So, the ENTIRE process (1-2-3-4-5, Expansion) needs to be Constructively UNITED. 1-2-3-4-5 is Condensed in FOOD and by the Human who is the last stage of the Evolutionary process (Creation in the Human Form). By the digestive process, where Food becomes the BLOOD that enables us to feel, have emotions and think, the Final Reflection of the MIRROR (1-2-3-4-5) can be Received by the Source (Contraction back to where it all began).
* And here is where it becomes quite “INTERESTING”! The Human DRAMA begins with the perception of EGO. With the “Big Bang” Creation is seen as the Expanded Realm. Then, All of it is Contracted in the Human Form with the Help of Planet Earth’s extreme 3-dimensional Density. Consequently the Physical is identified as the Source, and efforts are made to Secure ourselves accordingly. We become Territorial and Claim the Land as “Ours”. Tribes are formed and from here the Conquest for Power begins. From here Territorialism expands. Nations are created and later on the “United Nations”, but still bound by the EGO. As it is Today, the Conquest is about Owning the Earth and Humanity living on it Under the laws which can be used as a Weapons making Weapons the law. And so it is Today in its Extremes. Now we must become Conscious of the Origin of EGO with the needed Universal REORIENTATION, to Transcend the Conflicting Duality with Humility, so that the POWER of ONE can Flow Through us and be Purified.
* The entire Process is based on the “Seed is in the Tree and the Tree is in the Seed”. The Source is the Eternal Seed. It is also the “Mystery Egg”. Creation is the Tree. The Seed is Eternal and the Tree is bound by Beginning and End. On Earth the “Cosmic Switch” took place, and at the onset the Human mistook the Earth as the Source that can be Claimed under secondary laws. Humanity must now be Enlightened with the Teaching to Center the VISION, so that we can REALIZE that the Source is WITHIN and EXPAND BACK with the POWER to HATCH “Mystery Egg” (10), to Endlessly Multiply the Seed FROM WITHIN (11).
6 –
However… by also having internalized the Creative Force (Creator’s WILL), we can use this POWER to CONTRAST Creation. This Power signifies the Gift of FREE WILL. The Human, being Creator’s Ultimate Mirror, can Contrast the SOURCE in Two Ways:
* Antagonistically (3).
* Complementarily with the inner-Union of Heaven (e) and Earth (c).
So, from the Earth TWO Paths Proceed:
6 – Path that has a Beginning and End, thus Finite (Tree), because it lacks Earth’s MEMORY that is contained by the Nucleus (only the Surface connection – Horizontal/Dualistic/Superficial) which is also of Human’s Blood. This Path gives opportunity of EXPERIMENTATION, and today’s World is bringing it to the Conclusion (Ego/Not BE VS No Ego/BE). Hence the EXTREME Duality in the form of Corruption, War and Self-denial – which when changed in the Constructive Opposite, can bring forth the POWER to Break Through the SHELL of Great Mystery, FROM WITHIN (9-10).
7- NOW we have come to the Cosmic Crossroad. The Last CHOICE needs to be made between the Two Extreme Options: “BE” and “Not BE”. This has been made quite tangible today, with the “to be micro-chipped” or “not to be micro-chipped”. The “to BE” is PRICELESS. The “Not to BE” settles for a price and therefore gives away its Soul, because it has no Constructive Friendship with the TOTALITY.
8 – The RETURN to the WAY (9) requires us to KNOW HOW to Apply Creation’s CONSTANT (CHANGE), firstly to ourselves. Therefore the Oneheart Teaching is needed, to Know what it takes to SYNCHRONIZE inner and outer Creation. Know that each Cell of our Body corresponds with a Star.
9 – The Reflection back to the Source requires us to use the “Cosmic Ladder” of Consciousness, which has Nine steps (7 are that of the Chakras).
10 – With the Success of coming to the Last Step, the Creative Force (“Big Bang From Within”) will Flow Through us to Break Mystery Egg’s Shell FROM WITHIN. We have finally arrived, to Know that we are the Creator of our own Reality = FREEDOM. To make it extra clear…the initial “Big Bang” was needed to “Break Out from the Egg”. Then the Released POWER is Reflected Back via the Earth with the Help of the Human. And with the Completion of the Cycle of Consciousness the “Big Bang” is Returned in order to Delve Deeper into the Original Question: WHO AM I?
11 – Now we can Transcend Earth’s 3-dimensional Density (beyond the ionosphere), to Enter the Golden Age in order to become the GENUINE HUMAN who Never stops with the WHY!

Integration of the Totality within the Human

a- Mouth (Portal between outer and inner-Creation).
b- Digestive System (to initiate the MEMORY release of 2-3-4-5, which is then contained by the Blood that enables us to Remember where we came from = Ascension).
c- Small-intestine (inner-Earth) where the Food begins to Change in the Blood that enables us to Function, Feel, have Emotions, Think, make a Choice, Act and further grow in Consciousness (9).
f- Nervous System, Ascending the Essence of Food via the 7 Chakras.
d- Brain (inner-Heaven).
e- Heart (inner Meeting-point of Heaven and Earth, which creates the Pulsation).

The Two Basic Systems
Demonocracy and Democracy

A – Demonocracy (order of demons, a Word that has been Deleted from the dictionary. WHY?) based on “equal rights”. “Equal Rights”, falsely taught to be the principle of Democracy, has created the most destructive competitions for the false superiority. Just Think, the north of a magnet will REACT to the north of another magnet. They Repel one another, because in order to Perpetuate within Creation there has to be the COMPLEMENTARY Duality, and its Essence is the Unifying Nucleus. That’s why truly Friendly People Complement one another for their Uniqueness. This System of Antagonism can only THRIVE on REACTIONARY Energies. Therefore it Promotes Chemistry over alchemy, war over peace, disease over health, truth over untruth, unhappiness over unhappiness, slavery over freedom, lies over truth, injustice over justice, Not to BE over to BE, enemy over friendship, ignorance over clarity, destruction of the seed over fertility, evil over the saintly, etc.
B – Democracy based on the Right to BE. The truth is that Everything and Everyone is UNIQUE. Even each Atom has a unique Mission. By the Complementary Polarity CHANGE can be the CONSTANT of Creation. By this Law of laws Everything can be part of the ORDER of the Infinite Universe. Obviously, today’s “New World Order” is of the contrary. Actually, it is the Order of Anti-Creation, Demonocracy. It is up to ALL of US to Repair the World with the CONSTRUCTIVE FRIENDSHIP.

Your Constructive Friendship
Is Needed

There is a Difference between being “Friendly” and Friendship (“Ship of Friends”).
Let’s explain it as follows.
It all began with Creation’s “Big Bang”.
By the ONE-Power or Creative Force the ONE became TWO (Polarization).
From thereon the Atom was created, each with a Unique Mission.
From this initial Expansion all became subject to the Spirally Contraction, which at the end is Centered in the Heart.
Atoms were then the “Original Friends” and created in different ways Constructive Friendships or Unions.
Each Friendship came about by the Friends Recognizing one another by How their Missions can be Combined to Create a Constructive BODY.
Some Bodies became Planets and others different Species living on Planets, etc.
Among all the Bodies the HUMAN became the Most Complex one, with the Potential to make Creation CONSCIOUS.
We are Creation in the Human Form and also contain the ONE-Power, so that we can Refine Creation FROM WITHIN!
We are still the “Human in the Making”… and this implies that the Friendship-Process must Continue with the Universal UNION with other Humans, who want to Dedicate their Bodies to create the “Greater Body”, to finally become the Genuine Human.
In this Process the Family Unit came about and further on the tribe, community, nation, one world, Universal Union.
One Factor, Free Will (Creator’s Unconditional Love), however… can create the Contrary, and this has let to today’s most difficult Challenging World of Disunion.



The Brain Use

* The Brain-Money-Ionosphere Relationship

* Essential Part of the PLAN to Break Through

the Shell of “Mystery Egg Earth”

* Break the Spell with the

Oneheart Teaching Power!

Our Brain and the Ionosphere have the SAME Frequency.

To go BEYOND Earth’s Shell (mental density), which is the Ionosphere, the Sacred Earth-Human Collaboration is needed to release the INNER-POWER for the LIBERATION.

This Power is Contained by Earth’s Nucleus, which is also that of our BLOOD.

So, it is basically with the FOOD whereby we can Integrate this Power, that then via the created BLOOD (in the small-intestine) going to the Brain, from where we can THINK and Endlessly Realize an Infinite Dream.

It is by HOW the Brain is USED… that we can go Beyond Earth’s Boundary.

But then, there has to be a RESISTANCE from the Outer, for us to REALIZE that the needed Power to Break Through must come FROM WITHIN (realize how it would be when there is no Resistance with the car’s steering wheel. We would have no Sense of Direction).

The Needed Power we can Release with the WILL to BE (ultimate Value of the Self).

The “Organized Resistance” is of the Contrary, which is of the NOT to BE (systematic self-denial).

It therefore wants us to be IDENTIFIED with the Restricting Concepts of Value (central banking-control system).

Hence the Falsification of the use of Money, which became scientifically integrated within the ionosphere (satellite mind-control).

All of it is now condensed with the Microchip and when Implanted in the Human…Earth cannot Breath Out the POWER in a Peaceful manner, and this will create the massive Destructive Earth-shifts and Extreme Calamities that the Diabolical welcomes (Food manipulation and Chemtrails have been used to Thicken the Shell).

As it is, the Resistance (constituting the Shell’s density) has been Scientifically designed with the Satellite-belt.

So, by it the Brain can be CONTROLLED from one Center (of the “New World Order”), and therefore the Monetary-system whereby we can be Manipulated as HOW to VALUE and BEHAVE, in order to follow the Path that leads to the Sacrificial Slaughter.

Also, CONSUMERISM has been used to PARALYZE the WILL with all sorts of Paralyzing Comforts.

It is now up to those who can bring forth the INTELLIGENCE and USE the BRAIN Constructively for the BIRTHING (Break through the Shell or “Big Bang from Within”) of Humanity.

With the Shell’s Break Through we can Enter the Era of the GOLDEN AGE.

Therefore the Constructive FRIENDSHIP initiative, in Support of the Oneheart Teaching Sharing around the World.

It is NOT about “just money”, but Breaking Through the Ionosphere (Earth’s Shell) that is now used to Contain Humanity with the False Money-Brain-Microchip System.

Hopefully, with this short explanation, Money can be Understood more than an illusory “number-concept” to “secure the insecure”.

The True Use of Money, with the Constructive Consciousness, is needed to Scatter the Global HYPNOSIS.



How Money has been used for the



The Money-scheme has been used to CONTROL the Human, and today’s Drone/Lazer-weaponry tops it all. The ONLY ones who CANNOT be Targeted are the “to BE’s or I AM’s, who are in Control of their own BRAIN. Watch Video on Comment.

Since it is with the USE of the BRAIN that we can CONTROL our Being…the Dark Order has used this Truth Falsely, to have Humanity in their GRIP by way of FAKE Money, to RESTRICT the CONSTRUCTIVE RELATIONSHIP. With Money the USE of the Brain can be Manipulated. Therefore the Disintegration of the Family-unit has become Normal. At first the “I Love You Honey”. Then replace H with M to “change Honey into Money”. “Honey is the Bait – Money is the Hook”! So, the “Cosmic De-population” is Being Processed with the Last Question: “to BE or Not to BE”? And this goes along with the Microchip Implant (Implanted Money!) – “to Not be Micro-chipped and Micro-chipped”. GET IT?

What is Money, also named “Currency”?
In the Positive and Creative Sense, it can be used as an INSTRUMENT to Cultivate a Creative Flow (current) between BRAINS, to be CONSTRUCTIVELY used in order to Cultivate the Higher Consciousness.
The Brain has therefore to be CONTROLLED From Within the one who can INDEPENDENTLY THINK, who can use Intelligence and Logic Creatively.
So, here we are talking about Three fundamental things: Opposites and that what inter-connects the opposites.
One of the opposites is of the INNER and the other is of the OUTER.
So, when Two People use Money and the “thing” (the Third Factor) to make a “Deal”, both have to use their Brains in order to create a new Creative Relationship, which is based on the ART of Bargaining.
Hence there cannot be a “standard price”, so that both can APPRECIATE (Value) one another Truthfully without the Fixation of thought.
Here the word “appreciation” is not just a sentimental notion.
In the Truest sense it is using Intelligence and Logic to Raise the level of Discernment/Consciousness.
In the Bargaining Procedure both parties act as Mirrors to one another.
And when one is Truthful, each Value the other by how one Values Oneself First, which means that the aspect of Value is truly Elevated FROM WITHIN.
The Art of Bargaining is truly a great way of SELF-examination!
There are basically Nine levels of Consciousness, to Value.
The highest level is that of the I AM.
So, on what level do we VALUE one another, of which the “thing” is used to make the “Current”?
Money, whether in the form of coins, paper or gold Symbolizes the True Money of the Mind.
The Lowest level of Relationship is today used to make a “deal”, by having the “standard price”.
Seeing how one frantically shops for the “cheapest” at the expense of another (Slave-labor), shows where the Mind is at.
Traditionally/Universally it was considered to be an INSULT not to Bargain.
In earlier days one sold merchandise that was hand/home-made, using Personal Efforts and Values.
So, this has to be RESPECTED, and with the Bargaining both parties had the chance to Exchange “Brain-power”, to improve and maintain the Quality and Value of the Social Order.
When the bargaining concerns “small items”, the deal can usually be settled in a minute.
Things which have absorbed “long-term Personal energies”, follow a different procedure.
One would “feel out” one another about personality, way of life, family, etc, to Know the Real Value of the Object.
But Today there is no concern about True Value, only numbers and conquest for Monopoly and false security.
This way trillions are squandered to DESTROY True Values and the World.
These Trillions (to maintain the war-mechanism) are culminated due to Humanity not Respecting one another.
The Disrespect is then “neatly packaged” and transformed in Fake Money.
There is Much More to say about the true principle of Money and How to go about it.
Also about the INNER-currency, which is the BLOOD whereby we can use the Brain.
The Blood that is created from FOOD (especially the whole Cereal Grain) is the Primary Money that goes to the Heart before going to the Brain from where we can THINK.
Thinking is Refined Inner-Money!

The Oneheart Teaching can set the Basis for Clearing the Total Being from all the Obstructions which have been used to keep Humanity in the TRAP.

Please keep on Reading on this Subject, to then decide HOW You can be INVOLVED with the PURIFICATION Process.

You are NEEDED.

What is Trash?


* waste material; refuse. the subway entrance was blocked with trash.

  • cultural items, ideas, or objects of poor quality: if they read at all, they read trash.

* a person or people regarded as being of very low social standing: clubs patronized by rock trash.

Trash contrasts the Useful. Here we must distinguish between the Two aspects of “Useful”, within what Context. In Nature there is no Trash. Everything is Flowing with the TOTALITY. Within the Universe every detail is Useful to the Totality.

But some have a problem with the Sun or a Season, due to not be in Synchronicity with the Totality. There is even a special trash-bin for Truth = Self-devaluation. For the Genuine Human, Creation in the Human Form, there is no trash, because it Serves Life in its Totality. The True Human Knows How to Synchronize each cell of the Body with a corresponding Star!

Today the World has become a heap of Trash, because it has become a part of a SYSTEM that made it ILLEGAL for us to FREELY Connect with the Totality. Here Trash and the “Trashy way of life” is very “useful”.

Trash also implies TRAP, not be in the “Free-flow”. This Trap Serves the EXPLOITATIVE Order well. “Recycling” of Trash is Not the answer, it merely makes us a Part of the Trash-cycle. Create Trash and Maintain it by a way of “life” that makes us oblivious as how Far we are Removed from the Totality. The family-disintegration is the result of its members not be able to be Naturally Constructive in the Household. Dirty dishes in the Kitchen pile up, because no one cares to Maintain the Flow.

All of it is neatly packaged commercially, which its purpose is to keep us in the Trap with Temporary Pleasures, including entertainments. Being within the Trap is not a Happy condition, but this is “remedied” with short-lived pleasures and sensations, such as “christmas gifts, happy birthdays” and today everyone constantly being distracted one-pointedly with the cell-phone. The “Micro-cycle way of life” (like the bacteria of the trash-bin) has become the order of the day.

The Home has become merely a Trash-heap. And what is Worst of all is the WASTE of TIME. As such the great Distraction from the GOAL of Life, which is Self-realization, realizing that we are the Creator of our Own Reality. Realizing that we are Eternal too. In short, with the “Trash-scheme” Humanity has become Trapped in the Opposite of Self-realization = Universal SOVEREIGNTY. The “realization” has become based on the Constant Dependence on “pleasures” which become very Unpleasant in every way possible. The attainment of the FINITE Identity has become the Norm.

Trash is not limited to the Trash-bin. Anything that is brought out of Totality’s Circulation can become TRASH. We can also create Spiritual-trash by way of “religion”. Look how it has created the Most horrendous Slaughter to pile up People in the mass-grave. Then there is Economic-trash, billions kept in hidden places while it can Help People and other aspects of Life return to the Natural Flow. Stuck up Art that no one can enjoy. Who have Most Share Less or None. Trash, trash, trash. There is No Love, No True Friendship. Just “bla, bla, bla”

The less we become a part of the Totality, which is centered around the Onelaw (Change), the more we subject ourselves to the Secondary law (Anti-change, restriction) whereby the Human can be Systematically Reduced to the Bio-robot.  Am I complaining? Have a Nice day!

HOW Money has been Used to Demolish

the Constructive Friendship (Family-unit)

and HOW we can Use the same Money to Restore the UNION

within a much larger Context, of


We breathe to naturally and mechanically maintain our Being in Synchronicity with the Earth and what surrounds Her.

From hereon we can Socially grow by the Breathing of the Mind = THINKING.

We create the family-unit, tribe, community, nation and the planetary order to further grow Universally.

But then, in the larger context of Being, when we must use the social aspect Constructively, we need to be Tested, with the danger to be Devaluated instead.

It is a part of the Test to find out HOW to use the POWER, in the form of FREE WILL, via the BRAIN into the Universal realm and beyond.

“Testing, Testing, Testing”, who is Actually LISTENING?

The Test has gotten into its Extreme, and today’s world Shows it.

The social Being has become a part of the political/economic order, easily to be /mechanically controlled for the purpose of exploitation.

So, let’s Examine the control-system.

This last part, of a cycle of Consciousness, which is now coming to a Conclusion, requires our Serious attention.

It has been formulated with the Last Question: “to Be or Not to BE”?.

The Best Answer begins by Knowing what it takes to FREE OURSELVES from the Global Hypnosis.

So, please Seriously Examine the following.

Humanity (WE) have been TRAPPED by a HYPNOSIS that is maintained by the Self-betrayal and Self-devaluation.

It is a system that Misconstrues, to make us Believe that we Need the Self-imposed Enemy, to feel secure with our insecurity.

HOW does this work?

The Principle of it is how the dog secures its insecure owner.

Therefore the dog needs to be educated, in such a way that it must feel insecure without its insecure owner, which results into unquestionable Obedience and willingness to give its life in the pursuit of the “insecure” security”, which becomes a System.

It becomes so complicated, that most will rather put a lid on the “think-tank”.

“dog eats dog” = both thrive on each other’s insecurity = Insecurity cultivation = TERRORISM.

Money has been used as the principle of the Self-generating insecurity, fear and violence.

It is an “out of control system” that secures itself with the creation of insecurity.

Since ages Humanity has been kept in many forms of the Straight-jacket.

It has become TOTAL TERRORISM and ONLY the True Human can bring it to an END, by getting the Control of ITSELF.

The TOOL of today’s system is money (ultimately the implanted microchip = implanted money) to be used  as the means for the illusory survival, which is animalistic in nature.

True Humans transcend this primitive sense of survival, with the Consciousness of the Universal Value of the Self, which is ultimately the PRICELESSNESS “to BE” or I AM.

And to be able to come to this conclusion we have been Divinely Designed as Creation in the Human Form, which needs to be constructively understood and maintained, to use the Social/Collective Being as the basis of absolute freedom.

The basic Education to it has been systematically oppressed since the inquisition (= inquiring how we are using the Brain).

The truth is that the Creator of ALL Owns us, Under His Terms and Principles of Law and Order.

Thus in order to enslave Humanity, it needed to be “educated”, in such a way that it will OBEY any “Roman Law”.

Therefore money has been used as the “legal note”, to be used to “survive” within a certain monetary-system.

And as long as we “need Roma’s money” and “live” for it, it does not matter how much we “demonstrate or protest” against the system.

Obedience to Roma’s law is the SHACKLE and ONLY by Knowing HOW to LIVE by Creator’s ONELAW can we Break the Spell.

Therefore the Onheart Teaching has to be Shared with Humanity.

It is with the Systematic Mental-shift of ownership, from The Creator into the contrary, the Destroyer, that we can be Trapped by in the ultimate slavery.

This slavery-system is that of SLAVES ENSLAVING ONE ANOTHER, by way of the untrue use of money, to keep us in the constant state of insecurity.

The First step to it is by having our Parents Sign a “Birth-certificate”, stating that we belong to a Slavery-system based on Self-devaluation.

Therefore the Child must by law attend “school”, training it for getting a “job” to “make money”.

In other words, be trained for selling itself to a system that destroys anything of True Value, of Body, Mind and Spirit.

We are then told that we have “equal rights”, meaning we must COMPETE for a monetary based survival to keep us on the animalistic level of Obedience and Exploitation (get us in the “dog-fight”).

That’s how today’s armies are formed.

This way we will Dis-obey the True Owner and be Unconstructive in our True Relationships with the Totality.

And so it is Today.

Anything we Need to maintain our natural relationship is being destroyed by way of deforestation, oceanic pollution, saturating the sky with chemicals, family disintegration, etc.

And what are We Doing?

Use “Facebook” to express our dismay.

Meanwhile we continue with the daily consumerism along with obeying any law, except that of Creation.

The family-disintegration has become the norm, and on the global scale we have the massive destructive Wars, which are Supported by OUR efforts to survive by way of the false use of money.

The TRILLIONS used to Maintain the war-system (including the Inner-war, disease), that WE Support by being a part of the Consumerism, which can only be by the systematic division between the “haves and have not’s”.

Everyone wants to get the “best deal”, valued by the false use of money, completely overruling any sense of a Constructive Relationship and Love.

Today “I love you” has merely become an invitation to sexual lenience or some sort.

All the wars are created by the systematic cultivation of the insincere and Unconstructive Relationship.

The animalistic strive for survival goes as far as the Dependence on the organ-transplant (the organs we need to be able to independently Organize the inner), which has become BIG-business.

People (especially Children) are being kidnapped to be stripped from their organs and then be trashed along the way.

A Strong CONSCIOUSNESS must be created by those who have any sense of Self-worth left, to make the Effort with the SHIFT back towards the Constructive Relationship or True FRIENDSHIP (not just be “friendly” with a “cheap smile”).

We can use the SAME money in the positive mental Transformation Process, to be the TOOL for becoming truly Constructive in our Relationships.

About the Constructive

Friendship and Economy


Eco: not harming the environment; eco-friendly.

Nomy: denoting a specified area of knowledge or the laws governing it.

Origin: from Greek -nomia; related to nomos ‘law’ and nemein distribute’.

     Well…let’s Examine HOW WE APPLY it on the Human scale. Today Not quite Human yet, but rather the “Human in the making”. The Genuine Human is CONSCIOUS that it is Creation in the Human Form, and that this State of inner-Totality requires Economic Caring and Sharing too, meaning that the Totality is Maintained by the “ Friendly and Lawful Distribution”.

     Sooo…WE need to Transcend the Animalistic state of Being. The Animal whose Consciousness is Applied on Territorial terms and the “law of the fittest”. And as long as each species adhere to this with their Own capacity of Being, the flow of Evolution can in the end create the Genuine Human who can Embrace it ALL, who is the one who Cares and Shares Under the LAW of Creation. Today’s “Human” does it differently. It uses Technology and Systems in the attempt to Subdue the Whole with total disregard how it effects the Whole. It has become the Constant build-destroy cycle to Maintain a False economy. Hence the most “profitable” War-machine. And each one of us have been Locked into it by way of using Money to keep the Mind Preoccupied with the Animalistic concern of Survival. Actually, it is Not Survival at all, but merely a “Rat-race”.

     Sooo…on what level of Evolution are WE on Today? Territorialism Under a variety of “laws” (political, tribal, social, economic), each based on Exclusive interest, have been Controlling us, to keep us in the Constant state of INSECURITY. And the more we try to secure ourselves by way of money (“education, job, property, favors”), the deeper we get ourselves in the Trap of the “securing of insecurities”.

     Sooo…what does it take to BE a Genuine Human? What does it take to become Non-territorial Under the Law that Maintains it ALL? CORRECT, Humanity needs to be EDUCATED as HOW to APPLY the Onelaw in order to BE. Hence the Oneheart Teaching, that enables us to Understand HOW to become HUMAN, rather than an Animal trying to Buy itself a Status in order to be accepted as a Human. The Practical Understanding of Creator’s Onelaw is Essential, for it is the Center of the Totality by which Everything that has come to Manifest must be Constructively and Universally Maintained.

     Sooo…HOW do WE Maintain our Relationships? The “Animalization” of Society has become the Norm of the day. The Disintegration of the Family-unit and the massive Destruction by way of Wars is the Evidence that We are rather the “Human in the Animal Form”. It has become Unlawful to Be Constructive in our Relationships, unless we go by the “unlawful law”. For example the illegal enforcement of Taxation. But we go along with it anyway, out of FEAR. The Fear has also infiltrated the Friendship, by making it Psychologically UN-constructive. We have become AFRAID to Ask for Help, because when we do so we are seen as the one Not belonging to the Obedient Tax-payer and Consumer, who Finances the War-mechanism with Trillions. In America, Helping the Homeless is illegal, while OUR contributions to the Trillions to make millions around the World Systematically Homeless.

     Sooo…I have Decided to put Our FRIENDSHIP to be part of the Test that all of us going through. This I believe I am qualified to facilitate on a broader scale, since I have come to the limit of Sharing all my resources to the Oneheart Teaching. I cannot be “ashamed” by ASKING for the CONSTRUCTIVE FRIENDSHIP that Concerns us ALL. I ask You to become a Monthly Contributor to make the Oneheart Teaching Globally Available, be a Constructive Friend, USING Money as the TOOL, to CHANGE the USE of the Brain, from the Confining into the Liberating. Let’s Truly Practice ECO-NOMY, and Distribute our Friendship Under the Onelaw, without the confining-Conditions which have been used to become the Force to Empower the Destructive Order. We can Create the True Economic System From Within, by Using the BRAIN to Support the Constructive Friendship. THINK.


Eco: not harming the environment; eco-friendly.

Nomy: denoting a specified area of knowledge or the laws governing it.

Origin: from Greek -nomia; related to nomos law’ and nemein ‘distribute’.


What is Friendship? The word implies it, “a Ship of Friends”. So….: 1- We need a SHIP, which is for us the Planet Earth. 2- The Captain who Leads the ship to its Destiny. This is the Greatest ONE Who is in each one of us.  3- A Crew who can be counted on, the True Friends.  4- The Passengers who help with the Financing of the Ship’s journey.  5- All of it we may formulate as the CONSTRUCTIVE FRIENDSHIP.  6- A Compass to be accurate for following the right Direction. This is the Oneheart Teaching, which include that of macrobiotics and other complementary schooling.

Become INVOLVED with the Constructive Friendship Revolution, which is not centered around a single Initiative. What is presented here must become the EXAMPLE for Others to do the same around the World, to then become the Oneheart Teaching Network of SHARING, each time an Expansion on the Constructive Friendship. This is the Practical Approach to Create the True Economy of PEACE. So, at first making the Oneheart University a Bastion to Train the Oneheart Educators, and from there Expand with the Growing Circle of FRIENDS (not just ”Friends”, but of those who Prove Themselves to be the Teachers of Life).

Your Monthly Contribution will be a part of the Medicine that the World needs:


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