Roy Littlesun and Titus Qomayumptewa made an Agreement in Ancient times. Titus (Hopi Elder/Priest became Roy’s adoptive father this time, who said “Roy, Shake the Anthill and tell the World the Truth about Creator’s Law”. Pertaining to this constant urge of Titus, his last words before he died were “Roy have you finished your Book”. This website is a part of the “Book with the never-ending Story”.

The first Test of “Shake the Anthill and Tell the World the Truth about Creator’s Law” was notably staged at Hopiland. Titus’ statement was physically displayed with a Sign at the entrance of his Farm (see picture). Then, after Titus “joined the Rainbow” the “Council” served Roy an eviction notice, stating that unless he was given permission to stay, Under the Council’s law. Roy replied with the TAWA MESSAGE (read after this intro) to make it clear where he stands. The “Council” replied with a SWAT-team who arrested Roy at gun-point.

Roy could have stayed at Hopiland if he had asked the “Council’s permission” to stay, but this would be in complete denial of everything he and Titus stood for Spiritually. Afterwards the case was dismissed and this left Roy to find out how to go about the needed JUSTICE. Now the “Shake the Anthill and Tell the World the Truth about Creator’s Law” has come to TEST. Roy began to Travel around the World (since 1996) to do just that, to make the whole World “Titus Farm”. To initiate the Abolishing of Planet Earth’s Dividing Borders, so that Creator’s Law (Onelaw) can be the Ultimate Unifying Center or Constant in the Realization of WORLD JUSTICE, PEACE and FREEDOM.

In Roy’s over 20 year’s Journey he discovered globally many related aspects, which need to be “SHAKEN”. The great ignorance about Creator’s ONELAW, its Practical daily life Application and the cosequential Destructive conditions surfaced. Much “noise” by way of demonstrations, protests, petitions and “Facebook”, but NOT one word about the MAIN-issue. Not even from the Wisdom-keepers.

So, this website may not be to the liking of some who do not want to be “Shaken”!