AWAKEN the ALL IS ONE Consciousness
One Mother – One Humanity – One Peaceful World

* The Conscious Life of the Child begins with the “Hatching of the Mystery Egg, from Within” (Continuation of the “Big Bang”), so that it can be AWAKEND and Educated to SEE what Creation is all about, to finally REALIZE itself as the Creator of its Own Reality = FREEDOM.
* Humanity is the Child of the Universe and is Today experiencing a Unique Cosmic Birthing Process.
* Therefore this site is sharing the TOTAL PICTURE or Cosmic Map that Humanity needs to Orient itself for, finding its way out from the TRAP of Ignorance (Last TEST).
* What is basically ignored is that we are Creation in the Human Form (each Cell of our Body corresponds with a Star) and what it takes to Maintain the Synchronicity between the Inner and the Outer = PEACE.
* The Gaining of a Cosmic LESSON (Seeing Oneness) is at hand, and the Universe is Standing by for the Assistance that we Need.
* This Site’s Purpose is to also Connect with the “Right People” who are SINCERE in the Realization of the Divine PLAN to make Earth the Portal of Peace.
* Your Constructive Universal FRIENDSHIP is hereby Welcomed!

The Total Picture
(Seeing Oneness Video by Roy Littlesun)
part 1:
part 2:
part 3


What is Friendship? The word implies it, “a Ship of Friends”. So, we need: 1- A SHIP, which is for us the WORLD. 2- The Captain who Leads the ship to its Destiny. This is the Greatest ONE Who is in each one of us. 3- A Crew who can be counted on. 4- The Passengers who help with the Financing of the Ship’s journey. 5- All of it we may formulate as the CONSTRUCTIVE FRIENDSHIP. 6- A Compass to be accurate for following the right Direction. These are the Oneheart Teachings, which include that of macrobiotics and other complementary schooling. 7- To Know HOW to LISTEN (“Shake the Anthill”) to the Captain, so that WE can TOGETHER ARRIVE. For this reason this Web-side was created.